Master’s Program Economic Policy

In this section you will find some general information on the structure of the Master’s program in Economic Policy (MEPS: Master Economic Policy in Siegen). You will find

  • Program overviews
  • Description of the modules.
  • Examination regulations.
  • Forms for registration for the final thesis, for cancellation of examinations, etc.
  • Informations on recognitions of examinations (from other studies).
  • Special regulations for individual modules.

Further information about the course of study you find on the homepage of the Master in Economic Policy Siegen (MEPS). General information about the study programs of the faculty can be found on the faculty’s website .

Examination regulations, module descriptions, program overview

Version 2011

Examination Regulations Modul Descriptions Program Overview Planning
examination regulations handbook of modules program overview courses in the next semesters


application form to change into the version 2019


Version 2019

Examination Regulations Program Overview Planning
examination regulations
(official German version)
program overview  courses in the
next semesters
unofficial translation of the
examination regulations
Rules Concerning Research Modules
  • In principle Research Modules are handled like Seminars and similar same rules apply (https://pafak3.wiwi.uni-siegen.de/info/pruefungen/seminare/) but to avoid possible misunderstandings, the following rules for the application for and conduct of Research Modules in the Master of Economic Policy (MEPS) Program (PO 2019) are specified.
  • Research modules available are announced on a revolving basis via the homepage of the Prüfungsamt (examination office) at https://pafak3.wiwi.uni-siegen.de/info/wp-content/uploads/Studiengang/Langfristplanung/ep-msc-2019.pdf. This allows students to plan according to their individual preferences with a perspective of one to two years in advance. Note that these announcements, however, are subject to change and not absolutely binding. We aim to stick to these announcements but cannot guarantee this due to unforeseen events. Binding announcements of Research Modules (and other modules) are exclusively made via UNISONO and are available by January 31 and July 31 for the following semester. Check individual homepages and UNISONO regularly to keep up with new information.
  • The number of participants in each Research Module is restricted. Usually, 12 to 15 participants will be admitted.
  • There are two necessary steps for registration: First, students will apply in UNISONO for the course as usual. Second, by the end of the second week of a course (two weeks after teaching has begun), students MUST register for the EXAM in Unisono. (Note that the application for the course and the registration for the examination are two separate steps in UNISONO.) This registration is binding and without registration students cannot earn credits for the course. (Exact details concerning the number of participants, registration procedure and time schedule are announced during the first meeting.)
  • Thus, during the first two weeks of teaching, students can decide to drop the course without consequence. However, since participation is restricted, early registration is recommended and priority will be given to more advanced students (third or fourth semester) and those who have not yet successfully completed a Research Module. Allocation and registration are handled by the examination office on the basis of registration in UNISONO. Dropping a course after registration will result in a fail (Grade 5.0) and count towards the maximum number of attempts (three).
  • In each semester, students should take only one Research Module. During the first two weeks, students may participate in more than one if they are uncertain about which one to choose, but it is strongly discouraged to register bindingly for more than one, given the high amount of work connected to Research Modules. Research Modules frequently contain several mandatory requirements with binding deadlines, such as term papers, problem sets and mid-term exams. Failure to hand in those will also result in a grade of 5.0 for the respective assignment. Moreover, enrolling to a research module and then not and taking the exam may prevent other students from taking the course.
  • Participation in the seminar part (usually at the end of the teaching period) is mandatory. Students are responsible for avoiding scheduling conflicts by checking dates before registration, and scheduling conflicts (of any kind) will not be accepted as a reason for non-participation.
Printed Forms
Allgemeine Formulare
Antrag auf eine Sonderprüfung
Anmeldung zur Sonderprüfung
Anmeldung zur Prüfung als Zusatzleistung
Gleichwertigkeitsprüfung VOR Erbringung der Prüfungsleistung
Protokoll über die mündliche Prüfung
Anmeldung zur Abschlussarbeit (Wichtige Informationen zum Anmeldungsverfahren)
Antrag auf Verlängerung der Bearbeitungszeit der Bachelor-/Masterarbeit wegen Krankheit
Anmeldung letzter Pruefungsversuch
Rücktritt wegen Krankheit (Wichtige Informationen zur Anerkennung des Attests)
Recognition of External Examinations